Payu is now one of the foremost groups of service providers, which are running at break neck speed. It is one of those, which help in getting your success by the help of fast and successful monetary transactions. A brief customer survey gives a clear picture of how high the success rate is and also how happy the customers are. Not only is it a reliable platform for sending and receiving your payments but also it is a lot faster and easy to use compared to the other similar service providers. The service has been integrated to a great extent for the sole benefit of the users and for the fact that more and more users can be successful through this. There are a lot of options that Payu actually offers to all of its users.

Firstly the payment option is so flexible that one does to need to go through any hassles in order to pay. Payment can be done with the help of Visa/ MasterCard/ Diners/ Amex Credit Cards etc. Apart from all these Payu also accepts all debit cards that are including Maestro. Next is the flurry of net banking options that you get to enjoy. There are around 33 such options or even more. This makes the system pretty fast and time saving. What’s more? You can also pay the EMI’S of various banks like Citibank, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, etc. Last but not the least, with the help of the easy going navigation system, an integrated Merchant I can be formed too. It is highly optimized making connections with the consumers easier.

PAYU Payment Gateway Payseal Charges Pricing and Cost

PAYU has indeed done a smart job by categorizing its price plans from where the merchants can choose the one that is required by them. The prices have been divided in to four categories.

  • Economy- Rs. 4900,
  • Silver- Rs. 9900,
  • Gold- Rs. 19900,
  • And lastly Platinum- 29900.

The prices vary according to the number of transactions, which is taking place. This actually relieves from the worry of calculating how much one has to pay at the end of every month. These payment procedures are highly organized. At the beginning, one has to pay the amount after which no extra charges will be taken up from the users. In addition, there are no hidden costs that may prove troublesome later on.

PAYU Payseal Payment Gateway India

Honestly speaking, PAYU is now one of the largest service providers in India till date in comparison to the others. The easy process of monetary transaction and the privacy that it maintains makes it even more popular among the merchants. It is found that most Indian merchants who have gone for this service has been enjoying boosted sales throughout the year. And since this is e- commerce, its reaches are also quite far and wide. The customer service too needs appreciation, which adds to the list of reasons why Payu has gained immense success in India.

Here is the list of Our Popular Integration Methods:

Payu Payment Gateway Integration in Prestashop
Payu Payment Gateway Integration in Opencart
Payu Payment Gateway Integration in CS Cart
Payu Payment Gateway Integration in WordPress
Payu Payment Gateway Integration in WooCommerce
Payu Payment Gateway Integration in Magento
Payu Payment Gateway Integration in ASP.Net
Payu Payment Gateway Integration in Core PHP


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