Citrus pay is now termed as one of the most foremost groups of payment gateway solution to a large number of businessmen, merchants and so on. Certified by the Reserve Bank of India it is now one of the safest ways in which money transfers can be done in a jiffy with the help of a simple click. All one has to do is to set up an account and then the monetary transactions will be easy and time saving and secure too. Citrus has integrated its payment solution in a way that the procedure is absolutely lucid and anybody could go for it. In addition, it has been made a lot more flexible than it was formerly, and is giving a flurry of options to choose from.

In case of Citrus, you can also have amazing features like split payments so that you and your friend or partner can divide up and give the money that you have to give. This is really beneficial since you do not have to pay a lump sum amount of money by yourself. From here, you can collect group-oriented payments with complete ease and a forum, which has the largest number of reliable consumers till date.

Citrus payment gateway Payseal charges Pricing and Cost

It is indeed a great success that with the help of Citrus, over 200 merchants have been benefitted. And now, the charges are so that one and all can opt for this. For every merchant, Citrus charges about Rs. 500 as a monthly fee for its services (i.e. for less than hundred transactions) and along with that a 2.5 percent commission fee for every transaction. As the number of transactions increase, so do the charges accordingly. In addition, there are all sorts of premium coupons regarding coupon support, business intelligence report, and so on. But in the beginning in order to join every merchant has to give six month’s fee that is Rs. 3000 in advance.

Citrus Payseal Payment Gateway India

Citrus has decidedly come up as a huge success in India as a whole. This is because of its flexible working system and twenty-four hour service; it has achieved major popularity in India. This e- commerce platform has been able to pick up a lot of merchants from India too. Since there are many a way to pay like master card and paypal, it is easier to have transactions done. The startup procedure being so lucid has attracted a lot of Indian merchants so far. Apart from that the costs of availing the services being so reasonable seems to be the cherry on top. With this, it becomes very easy to have business deals and money transfer without hassles in India and on international basis too. The only cons of this system are the addition of exchange rate charges when the money gets withdrawn in the Indian currency. RBI does a 2-step authentication in case where billing is concerned- be it recurring or subscription billing.

Here is the list of Our Popular Integration Methods:

Citrus Payment Gateway Integration in Prestashop
Citrus Payment Gateway Integration in Opencart
Citrus Payment Gateway Integration in CS Cart
CitrusPayment Gateway Integration in WordPress
CitrusPayment Gateway Integration in WooCommerce
Citrus Payment Gateway Integration in Magento
Citrus Payment Gateway Integration in ASP.Net
Citrus Payment Gateway Integration in Core PHP


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